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20848Re: Who updates the Sprint Backlog?

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  • eg0master
    Apr 3, 2007
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      As far as I see it the taskboard IS the sprint backlog. The sprint
      backlog contains all the tasks that has to be done in the sprint and
      each item has its own "time remaining" written on it (and who is
      responsible). The history of the sprint backlog is the burndown chart.
      My project is not interested in following up exactly how each SBI has
      changed during the sprint day by day. However since all the old "time
      remaining" are still on each item you can see how each item has
      changed (but not the exact dates).

      Ofcourse the SM could update time remaining for each item if the team
      finds that useful but frankly I think that is a waste of time. As far
      as I understand the sprint backlog is not "It is the history of the
      details that happen during the sprint". The sprint backlog is a list
      of tasks that should be performed during the sprint, each item with
      tiome remaining updated daily. There is no demand to keep that history
      as far as i'm concerned. We even throw away the burndown chart for the
      sprint after the retrospective. Only the project burndown (with story
      points remianing) is kept alive over several sprints.


      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "hhroark" <Hank.Roark@...> wrote:
      > What you describe is updating the taskboard and burndown. There is
      > another artifact, the sprint backlog. It shows the list of tasks on
      > one axis and days of the sprint on another axis; it captures the
      > number of hours remaining for each task day by day. It is the history
      > of the details that happen during the sprint. Are you creating this?
      > [...]
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