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20816Fwd: Agile Certification on the web

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  • John Smith
    Apr 1, 2007
      Greetings, everyone.

      I apologize for the spam, but I wanted to share with you a new initiative on the web to help large organizations make the transition to agile. I have been working with several customers over the past few years, and their biggest complaint to me has been about scaling up their agile transition when it's so expensive to find genuine agile experts. So many people have jumped on the bandwagon last year!

      So we have joined forces with some large organizations, many of which you'd recognize, to take that first important step towards solving this problem. In the spirit of being agile, our first presence is small, but we're growing it incrementaly, so I hope you will show us your support.

      Please visit http://www.agilecertificationnow.com to become certified and spread the word. It's easy!

      John Smith

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