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  • Mike Beedle
    Feb 6, 2002
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      Very interesting. Relating this back to Scrum a bit, this
      would mean that the task was assigned on the Product Backlog --
      because all the planned work needs to be there, and that to
      accomplish this work it would have to be allocated to the
      Sprint Backlog with special rules:
      1) do this optionally, 2) use up to 15% of your time on it,
      3) engage others as needed, 4) report progress in the Daily

      This is a very interesting approach, Product Backlog and
      Sprint Backlog with rules.

      On occasion, we have had some of that, but I don't think it
      has been formalized by anyone. I think this is a valid and
      productive way of doing things. The Scrum Master would
      help the team members enforce the rules, of course.

      The only qualm I would have, is that it can get fairly
      complicated as the number of rules increases, but I guess
      different teams would have different rule tolerances ;-)

      If you don't mind Mary, I'd like to borrow this one for
      my next Scrum project,

      - Mike

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      > Interesting. Now we really have the full spectrum:
      > 1) integrated (within the Scrum team)
      > 2) loosely coupled but same team (sabbatical)
      > 3) splinter team

      I can offer one more option.

      3M has it's famous 15% rule. This rule says that anyone can charge
      up to 15% of their time to a 'shush fund' and use it to explore new
      ideas. In practice, it is frequently used, because it allows anyone
      with a great idea to get others to help them out, with no approval

      Say you are working on a cool new idea, both in your 15% time and
      even in your spare time. But you need help. You can go up to
      anyone else and ask them to help you out. If they think your idea
      is cool, they will spend their 15% time on it. Both of you are
      still doing your regular jobs, but are exploring this side idea

      Because using the 15% time is strongly encouraged, it is easy to put
      together quite a team to work on splinter ideas, even as they are
      all working on normal projects. There is virtually no oversight and
      no accountability for the cool new idea. Any lab equipment
      (computers for instance) and a minor amount of material is avaiable
      at no cost. This continues until the assembled team decides to ask
      for more resources than they can scrape together in the 15% time.
      By that time, enough risk has been removed from the idea that it can
      get legitimate funding.

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