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2008RE: [scrumdevelopment] What's wrong with tracking estimates vs. actuals?

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  • David J. Anderson
    Oct 12 1:45 PM
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      You are defining what bad managers do - managers who
      don't know what management "is" and probably have
      never been trained as proper managers.

      For the rest of us good managers - we just tune you
      out :-)


      --- Steven Gordon <sagordon@...> wrote:

      The main difference is whose position is being

      <Rant mode on>

      It bothers me that projects which reduce how much
      labor it takes to do production will lead to
      reductions in force, but projects that reduce how much
      management is required just leads to managers with
      time on their hands.

      And managers with time on their hands leads to
      micromanagement activities like tracking estimates vs.
      actuals in a process where the metric is not highly
      correlated to success. Next, they will try to weigh
      the process down with collecting even more metrics
      that are not success factors, and start applying
      6-sigma optimizations on them. Will anybody notice
      that these measured metrics will improve, but actual
      productivity and true successes will decrease?
      Probably not, because they will define productivity
      and success in terms of the metrics they are
      collecting and analyzing.

      <Rant mode off>

      Sorry if I offended any managers here.

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