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2007RE: [scrumdevelopment] What's wrong with tracking estimates vs. actuals?

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  • Steven Gordon
    Oct 12, 2003
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      The main difference is whose position is being eliminated.

      <Rant mode on>

      It bothers me that projects which reduce how much labor it takes to do production will lead to reductions in force, but projects that reduce how much management is required just leads to managers with time on their hands.

      And managers with time on their hands leads to micromanagement activities like tracking estimates vs. actuals in a process where the metric is not highly correlated to success. Next, they will try to weigh the process down with collecting even more metrics that are not success factors, and start applying 6-sigma optimizations on them. Will anybody notice that these measured metrics will improve, but actual productivity and true successes will decrease? Probably not, because they will define productivity and success in terms of the metrics they are collecting and analyzing.

      <Rant mode off>

      Sorry if I offended any managers here.

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      Steven Gordon wrote:
      > I have worked on many projects in the past where the
      > elimination of labor was considered a significant benefit,
      > if not the greatest benefit of the resulting process and/or
      > product.
      > Why would the elimination of unnecessary management labor not
      > be a benefit to a client? Maybe, the case needs to be made
      > further up the food chain?

      What will the client do with the managers whose "unnecessary management
      labor" will be eliminated? Or, more to the point, what do the affected
      managers *think* the client will do with them?

      If the particular client has a history of dealing with "unnecessary"
      positions by firing the persons therein, the affected managers are going
      to be *very* strongly motivated to make sure *their* positions are seen
      as "necessary".

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