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1999Re: [scrumdevelopment] RE: What's wrong with tracking estimates vs. actuals?

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  • David J. Anderson
    Oct 11, 2003
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      --- Daniel Gackle <gackle@...> wrote:

      I remain perplexed about exactly what people think
      they're going to get out
      of such numbers. Maybe my problem is that word
      "exactly". Maybe they just
      have a fuzzy idea of what they think they'll get...
      something vague but
      comforting, like "more control".




      There is a real danger that some mangers/directors
      will try to use the data for staff evaluation and use
      it to filter out targets for layoffs. I worked with a
      director at Sprint who tried to do this. I (somewhat)
      successfully turned this into athe more benign,
      monitoring of our ability to estimate. This made it
      more a metric measuring line managers like me, than a
      metric measuring my staff. I saw that as part of my
      job - taking the heat away from the workforce.

      Hence, I think that you are right to be wary. I don't
      think that anyone believes they have more control from
      metrics like these - other than they believe that they
      will get early warning of slippages.

      People I work with who believe in short-time window
      planned versus actual, i.e. only planned out up to two
      weeks ahead, believe that it provides commitment and
      focus when that can't be achieved through other means
      such as daily standups.

      I don't know anyone who genuinely believes that
      fine-grained planned versus actual dates works beyond
      that time period. Trying to make a full release plan
      in advance is just inviting Gantt Chart hell and
      providing busy work for project managers anxious to
      keep their jobs and their PMI qualifications.
      Sometimes, you should look to the personal motivation
      and the extremely local optimum for an explanation of
      why something is the way it is.


      David J Anderson
      Author of "Agile Management for Software Engineering"

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