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1998RE: What's wrong with tracking estimates vs. actuals?

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  • Daniel Gackle
    Oct 10, 2003
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      Thanks to everyone who replied on estimates vs. actuals. The best thing for
      me was seeing the diversity of opinion on it, which helped me realize we can
      just be pragmatic. Both Jeff's and Ron's reply of "why not give them what
      they want if it doesn't cost you anything" (my paraphrase) seems applicable
      to our situation. For me this is part of learning to distinguish the
      essential stuff from the secondary stuff (which can just flex).

      I remain perplexed about exactly what people think they're going to get out
      of such numbers. Maybe my problem is that word "exactly". Maybe they just
      have a fuzzy idea of what they think they'll get... something vague but
      comforting, like "more control".

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