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1960RE: [scrumdevelopment] Organizational Structure

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  • Ken Schwaber
    Oct 2, 2003
      1. Functional managers set the standards and guidelines for the people
      representing that professional skill, as well as ensure that they get the
      education they need. They are part of the review process; Team based review
      is the bulk of any raise.
      2. They can become ScrumMasters, as well as taking on helping the Product
      Owner and customers think through how to manage ROI based development. The
      whole idea of getting functionality every Sprint is pretty startling to
      users; they need help with the transition.
      3. Short and long term, the functional managers are helping define a better
      way of doing work, but they are also losing their authority and (as far as
      they can see) their career path. Does anyone else have any good ideas about
      what to do with a functional manager, long term?


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      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Organizational Structure

      Need some help to answer questions from execs when considering the
      transition from a functionally centric to a project centric
      organizational structure. I'd like some validation/redirection of my
      thinking on some pretty basic questions.

      1) In a project centric world, for whom does it make sense to take on
      the role of determining raises and fostering individuals career
      development? Could be Scrum Master, tech lead, or functional mgr but
      it seems like the person closest to the individuals doing the actual
      work makes most sense.

      2) What do functional managers do in the project centric world? Do
      #1 above, become Scrum Masters, both?

      3) Are there any issues or subtleties you would recommend watching
      out for in this top down transition?


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