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19203RE: [scrumdevelopment] Project Manager and ScrumMaster. Is it the same?

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  • Nicholas Cancelliere
    Feb 1, 2007
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      I think that statement makes all the people at PMI cringe.  J  



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      Subject: RE: [scrumdevelopment] Project Manager and ScrumMaster. Is it the same?


      If the project manager adopted the “servant-leader” principles, they would be a ScrumMaster and there would be no project manager,



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      The Project Manager is not the Product Owner, either. The Product
      Owner is responsible for the defining and steering the product being
      produced, not for managing the project itself.

      So, given what a Scrum Master and a Product Owner each do, what is
      left for a Project Manager to do? Is the Project Manager just an
      interface to the rest of the company (Upper Management, HR,
      Facilities, etc.)?

      Could a Project Manager for a project that has multiple Scrum teams
      simultaneously be the "Uber Scrum Master" of a Scrum of Scrums without
      conflicts of interest?


      On 2/1/07, Basharat Wani <bbw@...> wrote:

      > Hey Heber ,
      > Nicholas is absolutely correct .
      > Scrum Master and Project Manager are two different roles.
      > Every Scrum Master is a leader and is responsible for building a team.
      > While Product Owner is owner and responsible for the Project.
      > Basharat

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