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19192Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: In search of the waterfall.

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  • Graeme Matthew
    Feb 1, 2007
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      Get approval. Pick a project, ensure you have a team that is fully
      committed to the agile mindset, prove it, let the business market its
      success and I am sure that people will say I want a piece of that. I
      strongly believe that many people are risk averse, why change, but if
      they see it work they are very quick to grab some of it :-)) It takes a
      few people to make the change and take the risk.

      If you believe in De Bono, look at Pratical Thinking, pg 130

      No Escape:

      "The idea is so absolutely right that everyone must work towards it.
      Lack of acceptance of the idea can only be due to ignorance, stupidity
      or bad will"

      Who wants to be seen as ignorant?
      Who wants to be seen as stupid?
      Who wants , no matter what the politics wants to be seen as bad will?

      now if you execute and prove its not an idea it is fact , who would say no?



      petriheiramo wrote:
      > --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com
      > <mailto:scrumdevelopment%40yahoogroups.com>, "Oldfield, Paul \(ASPIRE\)"
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      > >
      > > (responding to Petri, Mike)
      > >
      > > > This is exactly the reason why I currently don't
      > > > introduce Agility through practices, but by
      > > > introducing the thinking behind it all. One of the
      > > > key slides is about waterfall mindset specifically.
      > >
      > > I'm one of those folk who needs to understand the
      > > thinking behind it all, but over the years I've come
      > > to realise there are also folk who learn better by
      > > just doing it. As in many other things we deal
      > > with, I think there is no "one size fits all" here.
      > Very true. But, to borrow wisdom from Edward de Bono, you have to have
      > "named-ideas" before you can really apply them to practice. So while
      > it's impossible to teach people how to be Agile by mere teaching, they
      > need those named-ideas (like "mini-waterfalls" and that they're bad)
      > in order to apply it to practice. When training actual project teams,
      > I cover the thinking very quickly and dive into practice, too. It
      > takes a lot of talk to replace a two-hour hands-on Agile project
      > estimation workshop. :)
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