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19187Re: [scrumdevelopment] Opinion on user story detail...

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  • mpkirby
    Feb 1, 2007
      Casey Manus wrote:
      > All,
      > Our team is starting our first real project with Scrum. We are
      > preparing to coach our business owners on user stories and what we
      > expect from a user story.
      > As a team, we are struggling to find the "sweet spot" for acceptance
      > criteria as part of the story....consider these two examples:
      > [SNIP ]
      > I know these are pretty trivial examples, but that gives you an idea
      > of the detail level we are struggling with. Any feed back would be
      > greatly appreciated.
      If the question is whether or not to have more detail (like example 1)
      in test cases, or less detail (like example 2), then the answer is must
      definitely 1.

      Think of it this way. Perhaps you do manual testing right now. Sure,
      we could use verbal communication so the tester knows what to test.
      Then he gets hit by a truck, and you decide to automate your tests to
      avoid that happening again. There's no way to do that now. The
      knowledge of the detail of the last 2 years of tests were in his head.

      Are you going to go back to the product owner? They'll say "do what the
      program does now." That's never a good idea (getting test cases from
      your application's apparent behavior).

      Put the detail in the test cases, automate if possible. Don't put them
      in the stories. And further, try to avoid extraordinary detail on UI
      operability unless it's critical to the success of the feature (e.g.
      like the iphone's test cases might have been).

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