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1881RE: [scrumdevelopment] dependencies

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  • Mike Beedle
    Sep 18, 2003
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      >Thanks, Mike, that confirmed what I was thinking and added a lot of
      >good information. I was confused on the alility/ility thing, but now I
      >think I've got it:
      > -alility = functional requirement,
      >-ility = non-functional requirement,
      >both go in the product backlog


      Yes, this is correct, and anything that you think the project needs:

      Change to new DB flavor
      System Documentation
      User Documentation

      It is open-ended.

      > If I could ask for one more clarification, what are some examples of
      > tasks? I'm basically still wondering how fine-grained tasks are in
      > relation to the alilities/ilities of the product backlog.
      > E.g. a task could be "modify class X to do a, b, and c" or "modify
      > class X to have -alility/be -ility" or "modify layer Y to be -ility"?
      > Or would any of these work, and it just depends on what discrete
      > amount of work can be scheduled in roughly 4-6 hours?

      Any of the above are valid. The true metric is that you want to break
      down the Product Backlog Item in both meaningful atoms and small
      enough to track progress i.e. 4-6 hours.

      Here are some examples from one of current projects:

      story task
      Configuration of environments Setup development environment
      Configuration of environments Setup test environment
      Configuration of environments Write data backup and recovery scripts
      Configuration of environments Update HACLIENTDATA script

      Configuration of environments Setup training environment
      Configuration of environments Setup production environment
      Configuration of environments Adobe Reader on desktops
      Configuration of environments Load data from "test" database

      (We probably could have chunk it out even more.)

      - Mike
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