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1879Re: [scrumdevelopment] dependencies

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  • Stephen Haberman
    Sep 18, 2003
      On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 10:30:17AM -0500, Mike Beedle wrote:
      > I hope this helps,

      Thanks, Mike, that confirmed what I was thinking and added a lot of
      good information. I was confused on the alility/ility thing, but now
      I think I've got it:

      -alility = functional requirement,
      -ility = non-functional requirement,
      both go in the product backlog

      If I could ask for one more clarification, what are some examples of
      tasks? I'm basically still wondering how fine-grained tasks are in
      relation to the alilities/ilities of the product backlog.

      E.g. a task could be "modify class X to do a, b, and c" or "modify
      class X to have -alility/be -ility" or "modify layer Y to be

      Or would any of these work, and it just depends on what discrete
      amount of work can be scheduled in roughly 4-6 hours?

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