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  • Tiseo, Paul
    Sep 18, 2003

      I'd like to hear a response to Stephen question. Did I miss it? (I just got
      back to a mailbox with over a 1000+ emails, many spam, so I quickly concede
      this might have been answered.)

      Paul Tiseo, Systems Programmer
      Research Computing Facility
      Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, Griffin 371

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      On Mon, Sep 15, 2003 at 11:15:15PM -0700, David J. Anderson wrote:
      > What Ron (and Mike B.) are describing is the notion that the
      > Sprint Backlog is a list of client-valued functionality - or
      > occasionally client-valued non-functionality (architectural
      > features often referred to as "ilities").

      I've been confused on this point; my first thought was that for a
      sprint, product backlog items were verbatim copied over into the
      sprint backlog for the team to work on for 30 days.

      Which your paragraph above insinuates (that spring backlog, like
      product backlog, is high-level functionality and non-functionality).

      I had been thinking that this didn't sound quite right for awhile
      now, and I found in the Scrum book (pg. 49) that it says the Scrum
      team compiles a list of tasks to complete the sprint goal. And that
      each task should be an estimated 4-6 hours in length.

      This changes the picture to something like:

      Product Backlog:
      1. -ility
      2. -ility
      3. -ility
      4. ...

      Sprint Goal:
      Provide the first two -ilities.

      Sprint Backlog:
      1. Task for -ility 1
      2. Task for -ility 1
      3. Task for -ility 1
      4. Task for -ility 2
      5. Task for -ility 2
      6. Task for -ility 2

      Am I getting the right idea?


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