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18600Scrum / Agile in Embedded Projects

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  • mpkirby
    Jan 2, 2007
      I was wondering how many of the participants on the list do scrum /
      agile development in embedded projects.

      I'd like to try to collect some information on typical embedded
      projects, and the types of issues / techniques used and how they differ
      from non-embedded projects.

      Send any responses to me directly, and I'll collect and summarize the

      Project Questions
      - How big is the project (headcount)
      - How big is the SW portion (headcount)
      - How long is the project expected to last (in years/months)
      - Language
      - Embedded OS
      - How real-time is real-time (e.g. what's the shortest responder
      thread do you typically deal with).

      Agile Questions
      - Base agile technique? (e.g. Scrum , XP, etc).
      - Release cycle length?
      - Do the teams contain members of other disciplines (e.g. mechanical
      Engineering, electrical Engineering, etc)
      - Do the teams contain a truly vertical slice of the project (e.g.
      including UI, embedded scheduling, drivers,etc)
      - Iteration Length
      - Do you do Automated Acceptance testing? on the target?
      - Do you do automated unit testing? on the target?
      - Has the introduction of agile techniques resulted in a reduction in
      post-SW testing (e.g. full system test).
      - Do hardware oriented specializations get in the way of teamwork
      (e.g. pair programming, etc).(e.g. the guy who knows the chipset writes
      the driver, no one else can do that unless they understand a 300 page
      - How effective are customer oriented backlog items with embedded
      features (e.g. write new driver for new version of chipset).
      - Are you able to break larger features into smaller stories/backlog
      items with embedded development?

      These are some of the questions my guys have been asking me about, and I
      thought I'd see if anyone else out there has had similar issues. I'm
      getting a lot of "but we do embedded, so we're different." I'd like to
      say. Yeah, but so are these other projects, and they approach it this way...

      If anyone has any other suggested questions, let me know. Please
      elaborate where you can. description would be better then yes/no
      (although yes/no is better than nothing :-)

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