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18593RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Scrum illness, symptoms and possible treatments

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  • Clinton Keith
    Dec 30, 2006

      Who is reponsible for tracking the checklist and communicating to the teams when those things need attention?


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      From: Mike Bria

      Sure. Similiar to Clint, my situation is one with many scrums all
      working on the development of basically one enterprise level product.
      With the somewhat increased challenges related to system integration,
      documentation, integration testing and other product-wide items that
      exist due in large part to our scale, we've found that it's very helpful
      to have a documented "DONE" checklist that levels expectations across
      the teams as to what it means for a Story to be, as you'd guess, "done".
      In other words, what you need in order to move the card to the "shipped"
      column on the story board.

      It's really nothing fancy, it mostly includes the things that seem
      natural to most, things related to testing, documentation (of the
      end-user type that is), upgrade support if needed, etc. So for example,
      it might look like this:

      - all programmer tests passing?
      - all customer tests passing?
      - all function-level integration tests verified?
      - your related user-docs up to date?
      - your data upgrade scripts written and tested (if applicable)?
      - your managers buying you beers for being so dang good?

      Te real benefits are the things that end up on the list because of
      something specific to your environment or to a particular release that
      isn't "standard Scrum/XP business as usual".

      It's just one more thing posted up in the "open workspace" to help keep
      everyone thinking about the same general product goals and operating
      under the same basic standards.

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