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18578RE: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum illness, symptoms and possible treatments

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  • Clinton Keith
    Dec 29, 2006
      -----Original Message-----
      From Tobias Fors

      > 2006/12/29, Clinton Keith <ckeith@...>:
      > "I know these symptoms point to a lack of commitment and ownership on
      > the teams. We customers have pointed out the failures in the stories
      > delivered during the reviews. ... The question that I have is, apart
      > from beating the teams during the reviews, are there some exercises
      > and coaching practices that can be used to help focus on these
      > issues?"


      > could you say something about how you have approached these issues
      > during sprint retrospectives, so far?

      > /Tobias


      We used to have a dozen Scrum team Sprint reviews (one for each feature
      team) which used to take a couple of days. During these reviews we
      could go in-depth about each story issue. We found however, that the
      product integration and progress suffered, so we asked for a product
      Sprint review from the entire team. This is a ~2 hour review. During
      this review (120 people present), we address the issues of the product.
      Addressing one team's stories in this setting is not as effective due to
      the size of the crowd.

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