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18569Scrum illness, symptoms and possible treatments

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  • Clinton Keith
    Dec 29, 2006



      I’ve been following the debate on Daily Burndowns here with interest  We’ve been using Scrum for three years now and it seems as if a couple of  teams are experiencing an increased drag from the lack of novelty or more of a robotic adherence to the Scrum practices.  The Daily Burndown is a good example of a practice that they are following, but not taking full advantage of.


      I would like to get some advice on how to rejuvenate the Scrum principles among teams. 

      First, the symptoms:

      - Lot’s of dropped user stories.

      - “completeness” isn’t quite there on stories that are marked as complete (bugs, lack of polish)

      - Lots of new tasks added during a sprint (without stories changing)

      - Very quiet daily scrums


      I know these symptoms point to a lack of commitment and ownership on the teams.  We customers have pointed out the failures in the stories delivered during the reviews.  The question that I have is, apart from beating the teams during the reviews, are there some exercises and coaching practices that can be used to help focus on these issues? 


      There was mention of 2-day Sprints being used to help teams examine how they function and what they deliver.  Does this work?  Are there others? 




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