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1849Re: [scrumdevelopment] dependancies

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  • Bryan Zarnett
    Sep 16, 2003
      On Monday, September 15, 2003, at 11:35 PM, Mike wrote:

      > OK, just to make sure we cover all bases here if you do approach a
      > task from
      > a general point of view how do you:
      > a) split that general task between 2 owners

      Why does the general task need to be split between two owners - are you
      keeping your component-to-developer relationship? If you have such a
      defined relationship that must be adhered too for political reasons
      that the generalization of tasks might not work (might not). The
      potential for mandatory binding of component-to-developer can create
      impediments in your time line as well as place down a single-point of

      Two people can work on a specific task. They can pair program or they
      can split the responsibilities of a given task. This is part of the
      group dynamics and communication within the team. Frank takes sprint
      backlog item 'A'. In discussion about 'A' Frank says he needs 'Q' from
      'A', so he will do 'Q'. In many circumstances, my sprint backlog is
      big enough for everyone to take a task to work with not worrying about
      who is assigned to a specific task.

      I view a task description written in the sprint backlog as the
      "essence" of the given action as described in Corps. Business.

      > b) keep the SCRUM-like tasks (1-3 work days).
      Do you mean, can such generalized tasks still be estimated within 1 to
      3 working days? Sure, why not.

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