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1844Re: [scrumdevelopment] dependancies

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  • Bryan Zarnett
    Sep 15, 2003
      On Monday, September 15, 2003, at 07:41 PM, Mike wrote:

      > I am curious how people reflect dependencies between tasks on SCRUM
      > backlog list.  It doesn’t seem like the backlog spreadsheets that I’ve
      > seen in the past had that information.

      Is your dependency based on your programmer-to-component binding or
      based on a architectural layer? I find often that these particular
      areas, when used to create tasks develop dependencies that are often
      not required if you approach the task from a more generalized point of
      view. Of course this has to do with the requirement definition in your
      product backlog. A non-functional requirement might be defined from an
      architectural point of view, but the tasks associated with the
      implementation of business logic; you might be able to write without
      concern of the architectural or design terminology.

      For example, in your sprint backlog...

      - Provide the ability to calculate the total account balance from the
      users bank accounts.

      Would describe a task.

      - Add to the financial calculator DLL a function to accumulate and
      total the account balances for a users card.
      - Call the accountBalance function from the calculator DLL through the
      Foo interface
      - Provide a UI to xxxxx

      Are implementation details of the task.

      If we had to write out the implementation details versus the task
      itself the list would be incredibly long and very silly. Why silly?
      Because most of the work would be written down in blocks as:

      - Create a model object to do the following
      - Create a data access logic component to insert the model object foo
      - Create a business entity component to represent the following XXX
      - Create a common object to do YYY
      - Create a dynamic page to display foo
      - Add to the configuration file XXX

      And so fourth.

      Just some thoughts. Please comment.


      > By the way does someone keep the spreadsheet posted on their site
      > somewhere?  I can’t find it on the major SCRUM sites:
      > http://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/scrum/ and
      > http://www.controlchaos.com

      If you go through the old yahoo archives there is a copy. A new copy of
      a Backlog spreadsheet is available to certified Scrum Masters through
      the Scrum Alliance.
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