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17784RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Valid uses of this list (was: RUP and Agile)

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  • Ken Schwaber
    Dec 1, 2006
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      Rom …

      All self-organization is bounded. I often compare Scrum to chess, or even rugby. Scrum sets forth the rules within which the game is played; self-organization happens within that frame-work. Otherwise you have chaos, not complexity.


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      Hello, Clinton . On Friday, December 1, 2006, at 12:34:45 PM, you

      > A good Scrum Master will put a halt to discussions that start to drift
      > outside the scope of the daily Scrum. The role of a moderator on a list
      > with a stated scope is similar.

      What happened to that self-organization thing?

      Ron Jeffries
      www.XProgramming. com
      New and stirring things are belittled because if they are not belittled,
      the humiliating question arises, "Why then are you not taking part in
      them?" -- H. G. Wells

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