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17733RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Valid uses of this list (was: RUP and Agile)

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  • Jeff Langr
    Dec 1 9:55 AM
      Quoting Clinton Keith <ckeith@...>:
      > I support it. The explosion of religious discussions that arise from
      > things like RUP, AUP, WTF, etc create noise with respect to the scope of
      > this list:
      > "For updates and interchange between the users of Scrum and those just
      > beginning to use Scrum. Restricted to those who want to build products
      > and software using Scrum. For discussion on how to do so. Not for
      > methodologists, but for practitioners."
      > I joined for this narrow focus. There are plenty of lists where one can
      > hear the debates in full.

      I too joined it to figure out how to "build products and software
      using Scrum," and "discussion on how to do so." Unfortunately, since
      Scrum answers only part of the challenge, such discussion would
      necessarily need to involve other process. Not religious debate, mind
      you, but open discussion about techniques.

      As an example, I appreciated Ambler's posting of an article where
      someone discussed how they were able to mesh Scrum and RUP ideas--a
      potential practical solution. That was a response to Mr Schwaber's
      statement that that RUP and Scrum are contrary, not mappable. Which I
      think is an emphatic and religious methodologist's stance, not one of
      someone trying to figure out how to make things work.

      Jeff Langr
      Agile Java, Crafting Code With Test-Driven Development
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