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1754Article author: security and agile

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  • Brian Marick
    Aug 7, 2003
      It's a commonplace that security requires some sort of carefully-vetted
      design up front and that, therefore, projects where security is
      important should not use agile methods.

      I'm one of the editors for STQE Magazine <http://www.stqemagazine.com>.
      It would be interesting to publish an article that described a
      counterexample. That would be a project where the customer was highly
      concerned about security, where the development proceeded in an agile
      style, and where the results credibly show that the end result was
      decently secure. How did the emphasis on security change the process?

      If you can (and might) write me such an article, drop me a line. Or you
      can look me up at XP/AU. I'll be there from Sunday night through the
      end, often at FIT Fest.

      Deadlines are tight: first draft a month from today, final draft a
      month thereafter. (If you can't make that, we could perhaps slip to a
      later issue.)


      Here is where you can find out about writing for STQE:
      Here is our list of currently unfilled slots:

      Brian Marick
      Consulting, training, contracting, and research
      Focused on the intersection of testing, programming, and design
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      www.testing.com, www.visibleworkings.com

      I'm program chair or cohost of these events:
      PLoP: <http://jerry.cs.uiuc.edu/~plop/plop2003/>
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      Please join me.
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