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17455Re: Distributed Daily Standup - how do make them work?

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  • arto_eskelinen
    Nov 17 6:30 AM
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      Hi All,

      I have a team on two sites (Oulu, Espoo) in Finland.
      Luckily there are only two sites and everybody is on the same time
      zone. This is how we do:

      - We meet everyday at 9:30.
      - We have web cameras so that both sites can see each other.
      - The image of the team on the other site is projected on the wall
      as well as the sprint backlog
      - sprint backlog is a MS Excel file
      - We use MS Office Communicator to transmit the image of the web
      camera as well as sharing the excel as we edit during the meeting
      - we had technical problems with the voice, so we use an ordinary
      conference phone to transmit voice.

      Like said, we had some technical problems in the beginning, but
      right now we are quite satisfied with the meetings.


      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Mark Levison"
      <mlevison@...> wrote:
      > How do you make distributed daily standups work. We have seven
      > working in one location and two working in the UK. I can't change
      > situation and so am trying to find ways of making the team work.
      So I want
      > to know how other distributed teams conduct the standup?
      > 1. Do you bring the main group together in one place and
      > teleconference in the others?
      > 2. Does everyone sit in front of their machines and use Skype?
      > (currently our team still has neighbouring cubes - we don't
      have a team
      > room).
      > 3. Do you use a webcam?
      > 4. Do you replace the task board with Excel? ScrumWorks? Other
      > software?
      > 1. if you use software how do get the public commitment of
      > taskboard?
      > 2. if you use software how do you get people to stay focused
      > the tasks in the standup?
      > 5. If you continue to use a task board how do you make it
      > to the overseas developers?
      > trying hard to make a distributed team work.
      > Mark Levison
      > -------------------------------------------------------------------
      > Blog: http://www.notesfromatooluser.com/
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