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17394Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Distributed Daily Standup - how do make them work?

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  • Hank Roark
    Nov 14, 2006
      Dittos.  Except we add Campfire to the list of tools to keep the team in sync.

      Not having a task board is a bit of a pain, but the scrummaster does a good job of having people talk about the items only in Jira (just like only talking about the items on the task board).  It is the constraint we have.

      We have team members spread out throughout metro-Atlanta (yes, it is such a pain to commute) and metro-Minneapolis.

      -- Hank

      On 11/14/06, dnicolet99 <dnicolet@...> wrote:

      We have a situation like that where I'm working now. Part of the team
      is in London, part in Dublin, and part in Oklahoma City.

      We use option 1 as you state it. In each locale, team members
      congregate in one place and we teleconference.

      We also use option 4 as you state it, using Jira. The problems you ask
      about under that option don't seem to be an issue.

      Another point that you didn't list has to do with timing. The daily
      scrum takes place at 9:15 a.m. Central Time, 15:15 London/Dublin time.
      Typically you don't want the daily scrum to "feel like" the beginning
      or end of the workday. Local customs tend to have the Oklahoma people
      in the office early, and the Dublin/London people in the office late,
      so there are a good couple of productive hours either side of the
      scrum in all locales. Seems to work out very well.

      During the day we use an instant messenger system as well as phones
      and email as needed. It's working quite well although face-to-face
      communication would be a little better.

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Mark Levison" <mlevison@...>
      > How do you make distributed daily standups work. We have seven
      > working in one location and two working in the UK. I can't change the
      > situation and so am trying to find ways of making the team work. So
      I want
      > to know how other distributed teams conduct the standup?
      > 1. Do you bring the main group together in one place and
      > teleconference in the others?
      > 2. Does everyone sit in front of their machines and use Skype?
      > (currently our team still has neighbouring cubes - we don't have
      a team
      > room).
      > 3. Do you use a webcam?
      > 4. Do you replace the task board with Excel? ScrumWorks? Other
      > software?
      > 1. if you use software how do get the public commitment of the
      > taskboard?
      > 2. if you use software how do you get people to stay focused on
      > the tasks in the standup?
      > 5. If you continue to use a task board how do you make it meaningful
      > to the overseas developers?
      > trying hard to make a distributed team work.
      > Mark Levison
      > ----------------------------------------------------------
      > Blog: http://www.notesfromatooluser.com/

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