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  • nasapatrick
    Aug 1, 2003
      Okay, so I have a backlog item like -- Derive the universe, use back
      of paper as necessary -- Well, not that bad. But say your backlog
      item is a very large task like build a graphing tool that can display
      graphs of all resource types, task types and availabilities from the
      data source.

      Which do you do?

      - Break it into many product backlog items?
      - Choose a sprint goal to implement only part of a backlog item?

      As I understand it, we don't want to get into the old practice of
      writing hundreds of traditional requirement shalls. But if the team
      doesn't finish a backlog item, then you update the backload to
      say "graph all types except the one we finished last sprint."

      I know, I know... I am definitely a newbie on running project.
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