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17144Re: [scrumdevelopment] There is not, and never has been an "Agile Methodology" - Was "who the hell"

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  • Malcolm Anderson
    Nov 2, 2006
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      > > Great point, but I will submit that even with all the different
      > > breeds, everyone will still be able to agree, "Yep, that's a
      > > squirrel". Right now, people are pointing to an obviously soon to be
      > > road killed opossum, and saying "That's an example of a healthy
      > > squirrel"
      > Well, yes. So?

      Errr, let's back up. How much experience have you had in trying to
      implement Agile practices into a waterfall environment.
      Also what is your background, are you a developer, manager, or up in
      the CXO ranks?

      It all makes a difference.

      > And I don't understand at all how management buy in entered the stage,
      > why you get waterfall when you don't have it, and what that has to do
      > with the non-existence of an "Agile method".


      > Well, that's obviously already happening with the brands existing. Are
      > you saying that without the brands it would be even worse?

      Yes, yes I am.

      > I'm all for making clear what Agile is, and for pointing out when the
      > name is used for things that don't look like something I'd call Agile.

      As far as I'm concerned, this is the definitive definition

      > I'm not sure that it needs brands to do that. In fact I think it could
      > be argued that the existence of different brands might very well induce
      > - or at least legitimate - the creation of even more brands.

      Great. Make as many as you want. All I care about is that someone
      *pick one*.

      I say that by picking one, they are more likely to get infected by the
      culture, and that is what we are really talking about here a huge
      cultural shift.
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