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1702Re: Questioning eXtreme Project Management

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  • castnerca
    Jul 25, 2003
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      <Snip from Brad>
      > Doug DeCarlo has a series of articles in his "A Different
      > Drummer" column on "extreme project management" at
      > http://www.projectconnections.com/knowhow/columns/#decarlo
      > - I think he has some knowledge of agile methods but
      > thats not where he got the word 'extreme' from, and
      > while what he writes is applicable to agile methods,
      > it usually isn't knowingly taken from agile or XP (tho
      > he does use the word 'agile' sometimes in the sense of
      > agile organization/business). See also an outline at

      Doug's point of view/process was presented on an PMI Information
      Systems SIG Webinar yesterday. The discussion that accompanied his
      powerpoint show showed that his thoughts, if not his descriptions,
      are closer to what I am learning about Agile (via this users group).
      It is a departure from the typical waterfall, lock-step that PMBOK
      forces on traditional PMs. However, I don't think he truly "gets"

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