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16417Re: [scrumdevelopment] SCM Course. Is it good for someone with no scrum project experience

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    Sep 29, 2006
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      Hi Bhavesh,

      Yes it will be good to attend the course. You will get to know scrum concepts from someone who has done it. But the real understanding will come from actually DOING IT YOURSELF, LEARNING DAILY FROM IT and SEEING THE ACTUAL IMPROVEMENT IN DELIVERING working functionality to customer.

      How will you actually do it in your present set up is a question?



      PS: Come back to Mumbai and join us back if you want to do it. ;-)

      On 9/19/06, bhavesh_busa <bhavesh_busa@...> wrote:

      Hi Guys,

      I have been reading about scrum and following threads on this news
      group. But I have not worked on any project using Scrum or claiming to
      completely follow Agile Methodology. Even though there are some agile
      techniques like unit testing, smaller iterations(1 month) incroporated
      in the projects.

      I am wondering whether I should join the SCM course. Will it help me
      in my professional development? In other words will I be able to
      absorb the content. Secondly will it be nice for me to join some Agile
      project (claiming to be Agile) as developer OR if I join these course
      and then join as CSM.


      PS:I am currently working on development role. But have had previous
      team mentoring experience.

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