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16048Scrum negatives

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  • Aaron Korver
    Sep 13, 2006
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      Hi everyone,

      I've been asked to lead an "Intro to agile" discussion in my organization.  While we were brainstorming a short list of topics the standard "Pros and Cons" item came up.  To me the pros are obvious, but there are things that are percieved cons.  Some examples of these are:

      -- Loss of titles/roles
      -- Increased visibility (no hiding dirty laundry)
      -- People actually having to work together *gasp*

      To me these are positives but can be seen as negatives because of the problems they cause.  Problems that need to be delt with, but problems none the less.

      My question to those on the list is this.  Are there any real negatives that you have encountered using Scrum?  For all my reading and personal experience (which isn't that much) I can't think of any. 

      Thank you,
      Aaron Korver
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