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15937Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Scrum Certification in the UK

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  • Michael Vizdos
    Sep 6, 2006
      Hi all,

      One of the things [anyone] on this list can do is reach out to the independent trainers (yes, I am one) and let them know you are interested.  I know I am available, interested, and able to travel (as other trainers are) IF there is enough interest in a location to confirm a workshop.

      A group in South America pulled this off successfully using this model.

      Hope this helps.

      - mike vizdos

      On 9/6/06, keiffster <keith@...> wrote:

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "keiffster" <keith@...> wrote:
      > Can anyone point me to a Scrum certification course in the UK, the
      > only ones I keep finding are either US or Norway based.
      > Cheers in advance
      > Keith

      Cheers everyone for the replies, a bit of more detailed searching on
      the news group and some excellent replies found me something in
      Manchester in October ( given I am in Leeds, its the closest ).

      Not the easiest to find tho, does anyone know of a single source for
      Agile training in the UK, or perhaps we need to create one ?

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