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15904Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: How to get from Use-Cases to a Product Backlog?

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  • PaulOldfield1@aol.com
    Sep 1, 2006
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      (responding to Stefan)
      > as there are no clear practices given in the books about
      > scrum (or i have not found them) - can you tell me, what
      > is the typical approuch to get the items of the product
      > catalog. is it just making an interview with the potential
      > users/product owner and then write down their "wishes"?
      The two best resources to learn about this area, IMO, are
      both books written by Mike Cohn:
      "Agile Estimating and Planning" will probably be better at
      getting you thinking the right way about Product Backlog.
      "User Stories Applied" will probably be better at giving
      practical advice on capturing and organising the requirements.
      There's a third book I often recommend to the more traditional
      or RUP oriented teams - "Requirements by Collaboration"
      by Ellen Gottesdiener.  There's a lot of useful stuff in it for
      folk transitioning from traditional and needing to find better ways
      of eliciting requirements from customers, but IMHO it stops a
      bit too far short of full-on agile.
      Paul Oldfield
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