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15883Re: [scrumdevelopment] How to get from Use-Cases to a Product Backlog?

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  • PaulOldfield1@aol.com
    Aug 31, 2006
      (responding to Stefan)
      > We're going to use Scrum for Software-Development. By
      > now we used no clear model - it was more a "build&fix-
      > cycle" way of developing software. But what we do is, that
      > we use use-cases for gathering the user-requirements -
      > with which we made good experience. My question:
      > Has
      anybody an advice what a good way to integrate
      > use-cases in to the product backlog. any idea is welcome!
      Some ideas you may want to consider...
      First, don't treat the Use Cases as the "requirements", treat
      them as something that gives structure to the real
      requirements that will be uncovered during the iteration
      and captured ideally as tests.  Coming into the iteration,
      you want to have the use cases good enough to identify
      the scope of what you're doing; good enough to support
      a conversation that will allow the estimation of the work
      to be done in the iteration.  Anything more is premature
      and probably wasted effort.
      Second, split the use cases by flow, and do the high-value
      flows in earlier iterations.
      Third, if you need even smaller granularity then there are
      possible ways forward, but either of the two I will mention
      has some problems.  You could split the use case into
      flow steps - but this doesn't always deliver value at the end
      of the itaeration.  You could split a flow into scenarios -
      but this doesn't often remove much work.
      Hope this helps,
      Paul Oldfield
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