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15882Re: [scrumdevelopment] How to get from Use-Cases to a Product Backlog?

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  • Vickydhiman
    Aug 30, 2006
      Hi Tirol:

      Do you capture "ALL" the use-cases in Sprint "0"?

      We work with SCRUM and Use-Cases. However, we do the reverse. We first make the product backlog. There are some basic specifications [graphical Visio diagrams] + some short sentences at this stage.

      Then, we start with Sprint "0" which has client sign-off on Use-Cases/ Test Cases for first sprint.  During the second sprint - the developers work on the actual value while the Product Owner works with Analysts to write the Use-Cases for the next sprint. Each use -case must relate to to the Product Catalog Item Number.



      s_spitaler <stefan.spitaler@...> wrote:

      We're going to use Scrum for Software-Developmen t. By now we used no
      clear model - it was more a "build&fix-cycle" way of developing
      software. But what we do is, that we use use-cases for gathering the
      user-requirements - with which we made good experience. My question:
      Has anybody an advice what a good way to integrate use-cases in to the
      product backlog. any idea is welcome!

      thank you!

      stefan spitaler
      tirol - austria

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