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158RE: [XP] Re: Agile and CMM are contradictory

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  • Laurent Bossavit
    Dec 6, 2001
      > The manufacturing-like paradigm imposed into software we mostly lived
      > for the last 30 years is being threatened and is crumbling. The new
      > paradigm is software as NEW product, following an R&D-like process
      > that is best exemplified by Scrum, XP and other agile methods,

      Playing Devil's advocate for a moment : I'm not sure I see where the
      dichotomy comes from. Is it not possible to be agile and still promote reuse,
      assembling software from components, and suchlike ? Being agile means we
      like working software. If you can get working software by slapping together a
      bunch of COTS, why should that be a problem ?

      Or do you mean something different by "software as NEW product" ?

      On a clear disk you can seek forever
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