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1559[ANN] New XPAU Customer Practices Tutorial

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  • Paul Hodgetts
    Jul 1, 2003
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      A new tutorial was recently added to the upcoming XP Agile
      Universe 2003 conference schedule for Sunday afternoon, August

      The Agile Customer's Toolkit covers a number of customer-
      oriented practices that have proven useful in helping
      customers prepare and supply a stream of effective stories for
      their developers. While expressed using the language of XP,
      these practices can be combined successfully with most agile
      processes including XP, Scrum, Lean Development, DSDM, etc.

      This is a hands-on, exercise-based tutorial (no boring slide
      shows here) where we'll roll up our sleeves together and get
      some solid, hands-on experience with a variety of topics:

      * Getting a project off on the right foot with chartering and
      business stories;

      * Generating testable project strategies and feature plans;

      * Strategic (release) and tactical (iteration) planning, with
      coverage of investment and resource commitment issues;

      * Obtaining feedback through tracking and retrospectives, and
      applying that learning to evolve project plans;

      * Complexities in customer teams, including multiple end-user
      constituencies, multiple stakeholder interests, coordinating
      multiple story streams, and utilizing customer proxies;

      * Integrating quality assurance and project management with
      the customer team;

      * Story writing strategies, including using stories and use
      cases together, sagas (long-running stories), and depth and
      breadth story breakdown and planning.

      So whether you're a customer, or a developer, coach, or manager
      who would like to help your customers improve their practices,
      this tutorial will provide you with a variety of new practices
      and tools to apply to your projects.

      If you haven't yet registered for XP Agile Universe (shame on
      you!), you can find all the relevant information at:
      If you have already registered, there's still time to adjust
      your tutorial schedule. ;-)

      The Agile Customer's Toolkit is tutorial number 16, whose info
      you can find at:

      (My apologies if you've received multiple copies of this
      announcement. With the proliferation of agile mailing lists,
      it's difficult to choose a set to cover the various interests.)

      Best regards,
      Paul Hodgetts
      Presenter, The Agile Customer's Toolkit