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155RE: [scrumdevelopment] Agile and CMM are contradictory

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  • Lowell Lindstrom
    Dec 6, 2001
      > I see efforts to make things like Scrum and XP CMM compliant,
      > or efforts to make the CMM agile, as complete nonsense because
      > these approaches are _fundamentally different_.
      > So beware: until processes are described as emergent and
      > self-organizing by the CMM, there is no overlap and no point
      > of comparison,

      I don't see teams making decisions between CMM and XP/Agile. I have
      encountered a few, but they were still in the very early learning stages
      about methods and process.

      Rather, things like CMM, ISO, and other standards are typically constraints
      to which teams must conform. Across the spectrum of implementations that
      can qualify for various CMM levels, there will be some that are more Agile
      than others. The more agile the compliant implementation the better. It is
      not about conformance to an Agile standard, just as is it not about
      conformance to CMM. If is about better satisfying our customers.

      So, I disagree that this is nonsense. I believe the mission is to make all
      teams better, whatever their constraints. If exploring Agile CMM or
      attempting the make variants of Scrum or XP compliant leads to CMM teams
      that are more agile, then more power to those that are making the effort.


      Lowell Lindstrom
      Object Mentor, Inc. | www.objectmentor.com
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