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1531RE: [scrumdevelopment] non IT development using SCRUM

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  • Scott Worley (PI)
    Jun 26, 2003

      Hi all,


      Just for reference the best success I have had in getting Scrum into a company has been by using it for non-development based projects.


      Scott Worley

       (Evangelizing Scrum, XP, and all things agile)


      From: Bryan Zarnett [mailto:bzarnett@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2003 11:01 PM
      To: scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com


      I don't see any reason why Scrum process and practices can't be used to manage any form of "product". The keys to Scrum on time and information management. You will need to replace "engineering practices" with something else, but I find it works nicely.

      My example is probably a simple one but...

      In the next 8 to 12 months I will be opening a martial arts school and I am currently using Scrum to manage the initial start-up process, and will be using Scrum to run the school. Here is how I am using it.

      1. We have a School Backlog (same as a product backlog) that has a prioritized list of things we wish to accomplish including purchases, information we need to gather, things we have to prepare, etc. These are all high level and define the essence of what we want to accomplish. An example of my school backlog is:

      - Determine the type of standard training gear that will be used in the school to work basics. A list of distributers and whole sale prices should be obtained as well.

      - Compose a parents guide to martial arts to give as a handout and marketing tool for the school.

      - Explore different flooring systems for the training area including distribution and prices.

      2. Each month, for a 30-day sprint, we have our sprint backlog which is the tasks associated to the items in our school backlog. A simple one would be.

      - Determine the different types of flooring available for the school from carpet to swan mats
      - Can we have carpetted or hard wood floors and just pull out matts
      - Can we get flooring systems from Toronto based distributers

      3. My Scrum Team code named "Staff" consists of Instructors and and Admissions Officer. It's a small team right now.

      4. We hold daily scrum meetings for about 15 minutes to discuss what we accomplished, what we are going to do, and any problems.

      6. Our school has a series of goals and foundation concepts. We are currently trying to orient our sprints to those goals.

      7. Engineering practices have been replaced with renovation practices, teaching practices, marketing practices, etc.

      That's a quick summary.


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