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1523Re: [scrumdevelopment] non IT development using SCRUM

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  • Hal Macomber
    Jun 25, 2003
      One of my clients is trying scrum (without my help) on a construction project.  He is the customer/program manger for an addition to a church.  The project broke ground in May and is set to finish Labor Day in time for  Greek festival. 
      He reports the team has a short stand-up meeting every morning.  Foremen from each trade/subcontractor are present to review the backlog of work, agree on what tasks their crews will accomplish for the day, and to adjust for unexpectancies.
      The project is not expressly calling phases of their work "sprints".  However, they have organizaed work for three 6-week phases each with a specific set of requirements.
      I haven't seen the project, nor can I make any assessments about how well they are doing, what contribution this scrum-like approach is making, or the experience of the foremen on the project.  I do know that the general contractor is very interested in learning more.

      mcclimg <McClintock_Mike_G@...> wrote:
      Have SCRUM activities ever been used or proven on non IT development
      projects?  For instance could they be used in software deployment, or
      marketing, or training?

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