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15097Re: Scrum is bad for employees (apparently)

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  • dwsmtnview
    Aug 1, 2006
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      Richard Banks writes:

      > Employee B (who just happened to be mentored by Employee A)
      > left because "scrum is too restrictive". "What do you mean?"
      > asked innocently. "Well", came the reply, "when I have to do
      > a job I really like to investigate it, to understand what's
      > going on deep in the code, to really get a feel for the inner
      > workings of the problem and the intricacies involved. Having
      > to deliver every 2 weeks means that I don't really have time
      > to do a lot of investigation. There are a lot of things I do
      > at home that could really improve the product and I don't
      > get to try them here because we keep having to do things from
      > the backlog".
      > Translation: I can't muck around and play as much as I used
      > to. Why don't I get to decide on my own how the product works.
      > Scrum means I'm accountable for my time and I don't like that.

      That's one possible translation. I hope you allowed for other
      possibilities. "I like to ... understand what's going on deep
      in the code" might mean "I don't understand what's going on
      deep in _this_ code." That could say something about employee
      B, or it may say something about the state of the code base.
      Sometimes it's the newer employees (I'm assuming B was a
      newer, based on his being mentored) who are the first to
      notice a design or refactoring deficit that the old-timers
      have grown numb to.

      "There are things that could improve our code base that I
      don't get a chance to try" can also mean "This code base is
      stale and we're not letting in new ideas". If you're one of
      the old hands who had the original ideas, this can be hard
      to hear and easy to dismiss. But it is worth checking out,
      since a stale, debt-ridden code base can be a barrier to
      lots of things, including bringing new people in to the
      team. This might be a good agenda item for your team's next

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