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15090RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Scrum is bad for employees (apparently)

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  • Brent Barton
    Aug 1, 2006
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      Stacia wrote:

      > I've experienced the Cowboy Coder, the Houdini, the Bad ScrumMaster, and the Sneaky Product Owner - and some companies allow this bad behavior in the name of self-managed teams. I have also seen the Turbulent Tester and this person remains with the team because he has proven to be the (loud) voice of quality and reason on the team. Sometimes not all 'bad' traits are bad; giving people a chance is certainly worth what comes out of their own self-discoveries. And, also, not all can make it through the change.

      Agree on Stacia's statements. When these become visible issues, it is important to get these issues addressed using open, honest, respectful methods. "Fearless Change" describes the late adopter and the laggard. Bringing along a late adopter has been very beneficial in my experience as well as providing the Skeptic role that helps us be thorough.

      Brent Barton
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