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15051Re: Scrum is bad for employees (apparently)

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  • aefager
    Aug 1, 2006
      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Richard Banks"
      <richard.banks@...> wrote:
      > The first was because scrum makes people accountable for their work
      > exposes them. Employee A is a difficult person who only has two
      ways of
      > estimating any job in a sprint. It's either 8 hours or the entire
      > sprint - no middle ground, no thought given to what the job might
      > involve. "That's all there is and don't tell me otherwise because
      > the one who has to deliver". The grief I had trying to get this
      > to stop being a child and act like a near-normal adult!! He's the
      > of developer who doesn't like others code reviewing their work, who
      > thinks they know better than everyone else and who, because of their
      > superior brain power, knows that of course the rules don't apply to
      > them.
      Ahh, the Cowboy Coder. I am guessing that this gentleman was
      difficult even before Scrum came about. Bluster and rigidity on one
      side, breaks rules that were obstacles in his eyes on the othr side.

      Sorry that you had to go through that. I am guessing you did not
      have firing power there, because that kind of attitude, in front of
      the group during a planning session, with the client, product owner
      and other team members there, just by being accepted, was doing harm
      to the team.

      Why was Employee B given to Employee A as a mentor? All their views
      of the process were getting clouded by A's dislike of the system, and
      they probably never had a chance.

      I think Employee B should have been given more of a chance, but that
      Employee A should have been booted long ago.

      > - Richard.
      > http://richardsbraindump.blogspot.com
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