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15048Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Scrum is bad for employees (apparently)

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  • Keith Sader
    Aug 1, 2006
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      > Where is the coach or Scrum Master then?
      > This is one of the things I will not have nor did I ever allow them.
      > Of course, as an external coach, it is easier for you to break with
      > paradimes, but still. You need to put your foot down. Some rules are
      > not broken, period.

      Yes, and as an external coach, I can see where that's political
      suicide unless you have the support of a large political ally.

      > Yepp, but as I said above, if you do not allow yourself to be bent,
      > then you can make a difference. Sometimes being laid off because you
      > believed in something is not such a bad thing. I know that it scored
      > me a job once.

      Yes, but how many times did it deny you a job?(I'm not saying that
      being denied those jobs was a bad thing on the whole)

      Keith Sader
      (coming back)http://www.saderfamily.org/roller/page/ksader
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