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  • PaulOldfield1@aol.com
    Aug 1, 2006
      (responding to George)
      > I know several people who will benefit incredibly from work like
      > of Scott's on the AUP.  I know probably many many many
      > more who, without great guidance, will completely miss the
      > and will be creating artifacts (that is all they will see).
      As a mentor, the artefacts are useful to me for the same reason
      we were told to "show the workings" in maths classes.  Once the
      student is competent, the workings can be omitted... unless
      the worker needs them to help him think through the problem or
      communicate with others.  Until then, it helps having somebody
      who 'gets it' with the ability to detect and correct poor ways of
      thinking.  If we had enough such people we could do this all by
      conversation, producing fewer artefacts.
      Ceremony is a poor substitute for ability, but sometimes it's a
      useful stop-gap.  It becomes a problem when people get
      attached to the ceremony rather than the delivery of value;
      where people are not trying to reduce the gap that ceremony
      is 'stopping'.  We wouldn't decry Scrum because some people
      try it without the underlying understanding, and things go
      wrong.  Okay, WE wouldn't, others might.  Yes, it would be
      great if everyone could work directly from the manifesto and
      apply the values and principles directly to their situation.
      What actually happens is that there are many 'starting points',
      partial solutions, vying for attention.  You won't stop that
      happening; let evolution run its course.  I believe that is healthy.
      What are unhealthy are the parasites who don't 'get it' but try
      and wear the colours of those who do.  Yet that also happens in
      nature.  A healthy system can survive a few parasites but
      too many parasites can kill.  Just take note - poorly chosen
      pest killers will cause more problems than they solve.  First
      we need a reliable way of identifying the parasites among the
      crowd.  And second, if we can convert parasites into useful
      members of society, that might be a good thing to do.
      Paul Oldfield
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