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15028RE: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum is bad for employees (apparently)

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  • Richard Banks
    Jul 31, 2006

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      This might be worth a little retrospecting on. […] I'd
      also be a little concerned if team members felt they were so
      hell-bent on delivering features that there was no time to
      try and improve things by introducing and experimenting with
      new ideas. Does your team have a mechanism for introducing
      new things? Is there any time allocated for experiments and
      learning? Might be worth a thought or two...

      Not only do I get teams to include buffer in their normal sprint estimates for improvements, refactorings, etc but I also have an entire team devoted to just that - the “Core” team whose mandate is to improve the internals of the product, investigate AJAX, SOA, and all the other buzzwords and if/how we can incorporate these into the product in a meaningful way.  The members of this team are rotated through based on a mix of their delivery performance, technical skills and time spent in the trenches.  Effectively if you’re do a good job you get some time on this team as a reward allowing you to exploring new ideas and to spend some time at the cutting edge before being thrown back into the real world again.

      Employee B was just a poor developer who felt the pressure to perform and was exposed by scrum.  The gap between him and all the other developers became more and more apparent the more sprints we completed.  Under “normal” development environments he would have been able to hide a lot better and explain away slow performance as investigative work.

      - Richard


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