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14541Re: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum in and SAP world?

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  • Joseph Pelrine
    Jul 5 7:06 AM
      At 15:11 05.07.2006, bazil_arden wrote:

      >Does anyone have experience running Scrum in an SAP environment? - I
      >have a prospective client team of 15 working on SAP enhancement
      >projects, using a methodology called ASAP which looks very
      >waterfall-like. I'm not clear whether or how to integrate Scrum or
      >Agile into this environment - and I'm very interested in anyone who
      >has tried and either succeeded or failed!

      A while back, Paul Hodgetts and I spent some time helping SAP itself
      implement Scrum, but I don't recall running across ASAP internally
      there. I can ask my contacts there what they know or advise about it.
      Contact me off-list if you wish to pursue this.


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