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14521Re: [scrumdevelopment] Slacking teams (was:Nitty-gritty detail of updating Scrum artifacts)

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  • Steven Gordon
    Jul 4, 2006
      When I read about an organization with rampant context switching,
      siloing and resource fragmentation, I believe it is management's
      responsbility to figure out how to address the organizational
      dysfunctions rather than blame the developers for not being able to
      commit to what they can get done in short time frames under such

      To say that the problem appears to be that the developers are slacking
      off exhibits so much arrogance on the part of management, my gut
      reaction is to suggest that if management has no more problems to
      solve and yet the development throughput is unsatisfactory, then maybe
      the organization needs less managers and more developers.

      Steven Gordon

      On 7/4/06, Wolfgang Schulze Zachau <wolfgang@...> wrote:
      > The unfortunate lad reports to a different team, and I am allowed to make
      > use of approx. half his time.
      > I don't need to suspect. I *know* they all do things that are unrelated to
      > sprint. This is due to all of us having to do day-2-day IT support for
      > approx. 50-60 other staff (who range from almost complete computer
      > illiteracy to somewhat advanced homw users), plus everyone has their
      > personal career development objectives, which they need to spend 4 hours a
      > week on doing.
      > The support work is on average not enough to keep a full man busy, so we
      > have decided to rotate this around, then at least everybody gets 4 days of
      > relatively uninterrupted work per week.
      > Have you sat
      > > down with Jimmy and his partner and pointed out that they are
      > > failing to meet their commitments, and asked why?
      > Yep, I have. And that's when the excuses come alive. Which is why I wanted
      > them all to report back how exactly they are using their time when not
      > working for the sprint.
      > There used to a habit here that other staff would just walk up to a member
      > of the IT team, state their demands/requirements/wishes and expect things
      > to
      > get done on the spot (supported to some degree by the MD himself). I have
      > pretty much stopped that and now at least these folks either go through me
      > or they log their work requests in the (ever popular) bug tracker, so that
      > we can prioritize them and then schedule them.
      > But then, we are an e-commerce company, our IT systems are the very blood
      > that keep this company alive. There are numerous justified occasions where
      > emergencies need to be responded to right away. I simply want them tracked.
      > Regards,
      > Wolfgang
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