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14487[scrumdevelopment] SCRUM with Fixed Price Contracts

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  • Vickydhiman
    Jul 1, 2006
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      Is it possible to run SCRUM with fixed price contracts especially custom projects? For instance, lets say you need to make a program to communicate between two satellites. And client is big company - say NASA. They would only entertain fixed price estimates but are happy to run the project with SCRUM. Now in order to give a good estimate, I need all requirements defined to sufficient level of detail - along with complexity/ third party components price/ resource chart etc. That goes against Big Design Up Front [or is it different?] of Agile/ SCRUM? Without this, I cant estimate amount of work using any method.
      If I leave things to chance at a later stage then I might keep discovering the devil in detail far too late, far too often [every sprint] and my estimate is going to shot way over.
      How can this be handled?

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