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  • Mike Cohn
    Jun 6, 2003
      Yes, hands-on is probably the best way to really learn it. But it would
      still be useful for schools to teach some of the specifics--why does agile
      work, how to plan agile projects, test-driven development, refactoring, etc.
      would all make great college classes (or minimally portions of a class).
      Additionally, universities at some point have to stop teaching things that
      run counter to reality (e.g., we can write down all the requirements


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      > Good points, Jeff.
      > I was on a similar industry advisory committee to a university with the
      > exact same results. This was about 10 years ago and pretty much
      > we suggested was ignored and rather than start teaching anything about
      > client/server and distributed computing and more PC-based
      programming they
      > continued to insist on mainframe programming classes for everyone,
      > structured analysis, and kept COBOL as the official language of the
      > department.
      > I'm tempted to suggest that we should find a way to propose some form of
      > agile curriculum but I don't know how we get universities to listen.
      > the poor economy I've met so many people who have decided that "if
      only I
      > had a [better] degree, I'd be employable." Yet when I talk to them
      about the
      > things they're learning I can't see how it helps them.
      > -Mike

      Would immersion be the best training in Agile? Taking on co-op
      students would allow this, without getting involved in curriculum...

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