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  • David J. Anderson
    Jun 5, 2003

      There appears to be a basic conflict in academia
      between the needs of the academics and the
      institutions and those of the employers of the

      Then UK used to solve this problem with a 2-tier
      college structure: Universities which were purely
      academic; and Polytechnics which were more strongly
      vocational in nature. This 2-tier system was destroyed
      in a democratization of the college structure in order
      to reduce costs associated with the state funding
      students who had to travel farther to the academic
      institutions of which there were far fewer (around 25
      as opposed to 200).

      There were one or two academic universities which
      preferred to focus on commercial success - including
      my alma mater the University of Strathclyde. As a
      result such schools wallowed in what was considered a
      poor academic record of published papers but scored
      highly with major employers such as BP who
      consistently ranked it in the top 8 schools in the UK.

      In addition, commercially focused schools tended to
      operate at break-even or even at a profit whilst
      highly academic schools continually relied on the tax
      payer to subsidize them.

      The Net-Net of this is that larger employers get to
      learn the good schools with high standards and
      applicable curriculums whilst the students must decide
      before embarking on college study whether they prefer
      a career in industry or a post-graduate life as an
      academic. In my opinion, most students entering
      college at 17 or 18 years of age are too inexperienced
      to make such a call.



      --- Mike Cohn <mike@...> wrote:

      I'm tempted to suggest that we should find a way to
      propose some form of
      agile curriculum but I don't know how we get
      universities to listen. With
      the poor economy I've met so many people who have
      decided that "if only I
      had a [better] degree, I'd be employable." Yet when I
      talk to them about the
      things they're learning I can't see how it helps them.


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